4 new tips that Instagram implemented.

The renowned Instagram social network allows us to carry out different favorable functions in terms of communication with other people, providing really interesting, necessary or entertaining information, as well as allowing us to upload any type of content to the network, among others. All this in order to keep all its users happy.

This network has been evolving little by little, due to the fact that new updates have been implemented that lead to integrating new functions of great utility and thus seeking to improve the quality of the application every day with the intention of reaching the top of the best social network and continue to be recognized worldwide.

It is highly relevant to note that as Instagram evolves and updates, all users who have downloaded the application have given positive opinions regarding its high level, since there are new tools that give this network a touch of specialty and utility. Social. Being thus criticized by all the followers in a pleasant way.

Today we will show you four new Instagram tips that he has tried on his network so that you can use it and enjoy it with complete peace of mind and take full advantage of it in terms of your own benefit, likewise we will indicate where they are located and how you can use it.

1°) Like the stories. Instagram in the past allowed you to respond privately to stories with a comment or an emoticon that the application itself threw at you for ease, however currently you can like the photo, video or any content that is added by anyone in your account. personal account, this without the need to send you directly to the private chat.

2°) Play music without seeing the sticker. Most of the users like to place images, photos or videos with a particular music that identifies or symbolizes the content that is added, the detail is that Insta allowed to place songs as long as the sticker with the name and the singer, but thanks to the new update you can add the music to the content you upload without having to place said sticker, leaving the name of the song very subtly at the top or bottom of the photo or video.

3°) Delete or restore an image you have uploaded. You already have the possibility to edit an image that you have uploaded to your Instagram profile, either when you uploaded several images and want to delete one. Instagram gives you the super simple option of being able to delete it, in the same way you can restore it but the only detail is that when you repost an image that you have deleted by mistake, it will come out last.

4°) Add or change cover of the Reels. Currently it gives you the possibility that you can place the cover that you want in the reels that you have already uploaded to Instagram, you simply edit it in a very simple way, it should be noted that it does not matter that it has been uploaded a long time ago, you can change or add a different cover or the one that favors you to the previously uploaded content.

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