Activate dark mode quickly and easily in the most used applications

It is amazing how applications have a particular color and symbol with which all users tend to identify quickly without needing to have details of it, for example, WhatsApp its identifiable color is to see you, where Whether you see it, you can recognize it with the naked eye.

Some time ago, most applications offered us the option to change from the traditional or original color to black or gray instead, which varies depending on the shades that the application originally maintains. This given to offer visual comfort.

Mainly this color change mode was created so that people could use it at night to avoid visual damage and to decrease brightness, but nevertheless people use it both during the day and at night because at any time of the day is more visually comfortable and the battery savings are truly incredible.

Why is it convenient to use dark mode?

The dark mode is not simply adapted or used for fashion, it is actually healthier than the traditional white mode, since it allows you to have a visual rest unlike the white color, because it can reach the point of creating fatigue for being so seeing a blank screen or even misting your eyes.

It is really recommended with your eyes closed, since it does not harm your health 100% and at the same time it has the possibility of subtracting 30% energy savings, these are two points in favor that the color change in the Applications. Even many people use them because they feel that their phone looks more sophisticated.

There are four applications that are the most users have implemented the change from the traditional color to the dark color, within them we find: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. Because they are the applications where people spend most of the time and therefore require the comfort of the dark method

Don't know how to implement or activate dark mode?

Here we will teach you how to activate the dark mode in the four most used applications worldwide, it is easy simply follow each of the steps that we are going to show you below and you will see how simple it is to take care of your vision and save battery without having to to do a lot.

Each application has its way or way of activating the dark mode, it has been implemented since you install it on your phone, you only have to know where and how to change the color and that's it, what you thought was something complicated is easy to increase.

Switch to dark mode on Facebook

Facebook has the update to be able to change the traditional color from white and blue to black and gray, to activate it you must do the following:

You must go to the menu of your profile, which are the three little lines that you get in the upper right part, you give "click" and immediately a variety of options will appear that within them appears one that says "dark mode" you press it . That's how easy and fast you have managed to activate the night or dark mode on Facebook.

Activate night mode on Instagram

First of all, we must have the application updated to the latest version, it should be noted that Instagram does not have the option installed directly to place it in night mode, but if there is a way to do it, it is by placing your phone completely in night mode.

The first step is to locate yourself in the settings of your phone, press where it says "screen and brightness" quickly you have different options and within it you will find "Dark mode" you give it "Click" and automatically your phone leaves the white color to turn black. Head straight to Instagram and you'll notice the change.

It is very important that before turning the phone completely into night mode, you have closed all the windows that you have open from your applications so that in this way the color change is updated, now you can enjoy your applications a little more since your battery will last longer than before and your eyesight will be more comfortable.

Dark mode in whatsapp

Placing WhatsApp in dark mode is extremely simple, unlike Instagram, this application has its own option to change the color, it is not necessary to place the entire phone in night mode, you can only do it directly to WhatsApp on your phone, to do this do the next:

You must have the updated application, then you "click" on application settings that you find in the upper right where there are three dots. Then you press on chat and you will get the option "themes" you give it "Click" and you will get 3 types of colors that you can put on your application, within it it comes out dark, you press it and that's it. your WhatsApp will adapt the color black immediately.

Dark mode in Telegram.

This application is the easiest of all to change the traditional mode to the dark, you just have to follow three simple steps without having to complicate yourself, it is totally easy, more than instagram, facebook and WhatsApp.

Just as in the other applications you must have it updated in the latest version of it, then you must enter telegram, go to the profile which you locate in the upper left part where there are three lines and you click "Click" and in the main part there is an option or icon in the form of a moon, you simply press and that's it, Telegram will be ready to work in dark mode.