How to Win a Free Instagram Survey 2022

Currently most Instagram accounts usually use the popular Survey sticker so that followers can choose the best option for them, in some cases among the options are contests and the winner can get rewards and this is where the participants resort to the search for How to win a free Instagram survey to get your prizes.

In this article I will reveal the most used and effective trick so that you can win all the Instagram surveys and enjoy all the gifts completely free.

InstaZero: Win Instagram Surveys

Instazero is a website that offers free services for Instagram only. You will not be able to use them for other social networks. The methodology used by this website is that by logging in with a secondary Instagram account you can get free credits that you can redeem every 30 minutes to use the services it offers. Among its services are:

Followers: Here you can get 30 credits, which is equivalent to 30 followers every 30 minutes. You can redeem the credits whenever you want and send them to the accounts you want. Although you should know that the accounts must be public since if they are private the order cannot be sent successfully.

Likes: For this service you can get 50 free credits that you can redeem at any time and for any Instagram post you want. You will also be able to use it every 30 minutes if you want to use the service again. It is ideal for contests, giveaways or simply if you want to have thousands of likes on your Instagram post.

Comments: This service, although it appears in the toolbar, is not working at the moment.

Saves: This free service offers 250 credits so you can send saves to your Instagram post.

Views: This service is not available for Lives, Reels, Videos, Stories.

Poll votes: In this section you can enjoy 200 credits to redeem in Instagram polls. Ideal to win Instagram surveys, especially if you are participating in any of them.

To use each of these services you must log in with secondary Instagram accounts, they are accounts that are only used for this type of page or similar applications. They must be public, have a profile image and a minimum of two posts.

How to use Instazero poll votes

After you have logged in to Instazero with a secondary account, you will need to click on the Poll votes tool. And proceed to enter the username of the Instagram account that has the active survey in their stories.

Then the account will appear, and the option to choose if you want to send the votes to the image above or below, click and select the option where the votes will be sent.

Then, you must place the number of votes you want to send, maximum 200, although you can send less without problems. And that's it, it's that easy.


The interface of this website is intuitive, everything is within reach and it does not contain intrusive ads that affect your experience on it. It is important to mention that the page is currently available, working at 80%. We do not guarantee your orders since we are not owners, we only recommend the best options for you.