Improve or maintain the quality of your videos or photos on Facebook

Uploading content to Facebook is one of the most viewed hobbies that people have today, whether for entertainment, to increase their economy, to promote brands or products, among others.

It is of great importance to upload content with good quality and excellent originality to obtain the approval of the public you want to reach.

It is amazing how photos or videos uploaded to Facebook lose much of their quality no matter how good the original quality is.

Decreasing the quality of the uploaded files is a strategy of the application so that all the publications are less heavy and easier to load.

It is really unpleasant to upload content with excellent quality and that Facebook without notifying us diminishes the originality of our publication, whether it is a video, image or photo.

Since our desire is to upload good content to the networks so that our audience is fascinated with it and in the same way obtain followers, likes, good comments, among others.

Amazingly you can maintain the quality of your photos or videos on facebook. The app gives you an option that allows you to choose how much you want to keep the quality of your posts, be it high, medium or low. You just have to follow a few steps that I am going to show you below.

Facebook is programmed to reduce or compress all the images or videos that users upload to its platform automatically without any warning, all in search of a less heavy application and that the files do not take a long time to be viewed or published, looking for the ease and accessibility for all its users.

To upload content with good quality or with its originality is extremely simple, you simply have to activate it at your convenience and you will realize the excellent result you will have, because if you do not activate it, your images and video will lose their naturalness automatically when they are published and they will look pixelated and half blurred, but you have the power to change that by following the steps that we are going to show you.

First you must go directly to the profile menu, which is located in the three lines in the upper right, then go down to the settings and "Click" and immediately go to where it says preferences, you "click" on "Multimedia content ".

You will realize that the application is going to show you different options, one of them is the quality of photos, where it throws you three situations:

• High quality
• Medium quality
• Low quality

Pressing on the one of your preference you will choose how good or low you want the quality of your photos or images that you publish.

In the same way it happens with videos, it gives you the option to improve the quality of your videos and even to reduce excess data usage.

And that's it, and from today you know how to improve or maintain the quality of your photos or how to reduce and manage the use of mobile data.