Risetop.app: App to Gain Free Instagram Followers 2022


Applications to gain Instagram followers there are many, too many I would say. There is a wide variety of these with various functions, such as followers, likes, comments, views and other Insatgram services.

In this case, we will talk about a very cool app to gain Instagram followers in simple steps, and although it is a relatively new app, it has a wide variety of positive comments that make us more confident with it.

We are talking about Risetop.app, the best app to gain customizable Instagram followers, likes and comments.

What is Risetopp+ and how does it work?

Risetop + is an app to gain Instagram followers easily, its function is easy, you just have to enter a secondary account in the app and you can either follow, like or comment to earn coins.

These coins can be exchanged by them towards your Instagram account or that of others.

For example, if you want your Instagram posts to have many likes, it will only be enough to use the app several times to collect enough coins to exchange them for likes towards your psot, depending on the coins you have, they are the likes you will have.

Details of RiseTop Apk?


Application NameRiseTop
User Rating4.4
FormatApk File
VersionLatest Recently Updated
Cost100% FREE
Requires Android6.0 and Up
Offered ByRisetop Apk Updated

When you follow a user you will earn 8 coins but when you like or comment on a post you will earn 4 coins. The same will be for you when you want likes, the more people you follow, like or comment, the more redeemable coins you will have. Fabulous isn't it?

Is Risetop safe?

Yes, it is a secure app like most, but there are data that must be taken into account. Being an Instagram app, it can block you temporarily or permanently due to the constant use you give to it.

Whether it's giving many likes, commenting countless times and following too many people at the same time.

The most recommended thing is that you use the app slowly so that it does not crash so quickly and you can gain many followers

In addition, we recommend you use alternate or secondary accounts to mine the coins or diamonds that the app has, in this case, risetop has coins and always recommends us to use alternate accounts to use the app.

Download app: https://risetop.app/
News:  https://t.me/risetopfree