Capture movement of images in Instagram Reels.

Among the many updates that Instagram has already made to improve the quality of the application, Reels has been one of the best implementations that this application has made, since it has created a wave of extremely positive reviews because it turns out to be a great utility tool for content creators in different ways.

The Reels is one of the many functions that is integrated into the Instagram platform, which does not have much time to be added within the functions that the social network offers, however in such a short time it has been accepted in a very positive way. by users due to the great utility it represents today, since it turns out to be very beneficial when uploading entertainment or informative content.

Making or putting this tool into operation is quite simple since it is directly integrated to be used in the same way that a story or any fixed content is uploaded to your insta profile. What you should take into account is that the Reels have certain conditions that you must follow, for example, they have a stipulated time of seconds of content.

Don't you know how to make a Reels on Instagram?

Although it may seem unbelievable, making a reel does not entail a lot of work, on the contrary it is something extremely simple, where you can make up or play with your reels in your own way without any condition, do it as you want, in the way that seems best to you and even add everything that you necessary to make it more eye-catching and attractive to the general public.

To make a reels on Instagram you must go to the upper left, and you are going to «Click» right on the bubble that the application throws at you to upload any content to the story.

Next, in the lower part of the place you will find different options that you can move by sliding your finger to the side that suits you, within the different alternatives you will find one with the name «Reels» which is where you are going to locate.

Once there, on the right side you will find a variety of options to make up or edit your reels, whether to place the timer, music, among others. In the lower part there is a button that is the one that will allow you to start the recording that you want as well as to stop it at the moment that seems best to you. That simple you can make a reels, the rest is up to your creativity.

How to capture image with movements?

Having creativity is the most important thing when making a reels, since it will depend on that if it will be pleasing in the eyes of the users or your followers, one of the interesting ways to make a reels is capturing different movements with the camera a sequence of images to your liking.

It’s extremely simple, you just have to double «Click» the recording button to sing the images you need, but for it to be really striking there must be an excellent sequence of movements and in this way you can capture step by step giving the button, once finished, on the right side you have an option that allows you to view the work already done before being added to your profile.

If you liked it and you think it’s ready, you can add any type of sticker or if you wanted to put some type of information through words, underline, among others. Once ready, you click on the bottom left where the word «next» is located, where it will drop you in the place so you can tag, add the location where you are, save or share.

It is worth mentioning that it also allows you to change the cover for your reels so that you can place the one that is favorable or attractive for users, if at the time you want to upload the reels you do not consider it necessary to add a cover, it does not matter because you can make that change once the content has been uploaded regardless of how long it has been on the network.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that the reels have the option for people or followers to like, make comments or, failing that, they can share it to their stories or to the private chats they want.

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